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Tips to Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease


According to the American Kidney Fund, more than one in seven American adults has chronic kidney disease (CKD) but are not aware they are affected until the condition gets worse. A kidney stone, which will later progress to kidney disease when left untreated, can lead to other health conditions, such as gout, bone disease, and heart disease. Protect your kidneys before it’s too late! Below are some steps for you to start.

  1. Cut down on your salt intake.
    To start limiting salt intake, cook at home with whole, unprocessed foods, avoid salt and use other sodium-free seasonings, minimize ordering takeout foods, check packaged foods labels, etc. If you’re worried about eating food with too much salt in the past, check in with a kidney specialist in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  2. Be mindful of your alcohol intake.
    Alcohol is a waste product that your kidneys have to filter out of your blood, and too much of it makes your kidneys less efficient. High alcohol intake is linked to an increased risk of high blood pressure that contributes to kidney disease. Start cutting down on alcohol today, and switch to healthier lifestyle habits.
  3. Talk to your physician.
    Nephrologists in North Carolina can help you understand chronic kidney conditions. If you have the symptoms early on, they will also provide treatment to prevent it from escalating into a more complicated situation. Visit your nearest expert today to learn more.

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