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Warning Signs of Having Kidney Stones


When it comes to a kidney problem, you may have heard that kidney stones can be terrible, but you may not precisely know what they are or how to prevent them.

A kidney stone can be as little as a grain of sand or as big as a ping-pong ball! So, you can get kidney stones without you even realizing it.

You may not feel discomfort if the stone is tiny enough to travel through your urinary tract. You usually first feel the symptoms at the ureter, the tube that moves urine from the kidney to the bladder. Here are some more of the signs you have kidney stones:

  • Burning feeling or pain when peeing
  • Chills, fever, and vomiting
  • Frequently urinating or not at all
  • Brown, red, or pink urine
  • Nausea due to intense pain

Although pain is the most apparent indication of kidney stones, it is not usually the early or most telling sign.

You may experience symptoms for a few days, months, or even longer. When this happens, you should immediately consult a kidney specialist in Charlotte, North Carolina, even if your pain from kidney stones has subsided since intermittent pain is common in this situation.

You can visit our clinic if you experience the symptoms and give cost-effective care when needed! Carolinas Nephrology and Hypertension Associates has nephrologists in North Carolina who can provide a wide range of services to help you with your health issues!

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