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Things to Expect After Having Kidney Transplant


A kidney transplant is a type of surgery that provides you with a healthy kidney from someone you know, a person who has died, or a stranger. Humans only need one kidney to stay alive.

As a kidney specialist in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are experts when it comes to what you need to do before, during, and after a kidney transplant. Today, allow us to share with you what you can expect at home after having a transplant.

For the first and second week after surgery, your tummy and side will be sore. You may experience numbness around the incision your physician has made. It is normal to always feel tired while healing. Expect your energy to return after 3 to 6 weeks.

While healing, you will be asked to take anti-rejection medicine by your doctor to ensure your body does not reject the new kidney. These kinds of medicines have side effects. Your body may become less able to fight infections, so you must take the necessary steps to avoid getting infected.

Your new kidney can start working soon after the transplant, but it can also take a couple of weeks. You are required to have dialysis until the new kidney starts to work.

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