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Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy!

A kidney complication frequently goes undetected until it is quite advanced. Unfortunately, this is the point at which someone would require dialysis or even a transplant.

That’s why the most important thing you can do to protect your kidneys is to take care of your body to reduce your chances of developing diseases that strain your kidneys. In particular, managing risk factors such as diabetes and high blood pressure helps to prevent chronic kidney diseases (CKD) and their complications.

If this is something that hits home to you, we urge you to read on! We at Carolinas Nephrology and Hypertension Associates, a nephrology & hypertension care clinic, not only aim to deliver high-quality care to patients. We also believe that the path to health and wellness is awareness! This is why we work hard to provide vital information to anyone who may be out of our reach.

As such, allow us to present tips to keep your kidneys healthy! You should:

  • Take medications as directed.
  • Keep your blood pressure below 140/90, or ask your doctor what the best blood pressure target is for you.
  • If you have diabetes, stay in your target blood sugar range as much as possible.
  • Stay in your target cholesterol range.
  • Eat foods lower in salt.

If you think that you may be at risk of developing such diseases, don’t hesitate to visit a kidney specialist in Charlotte, North Carolina at your earliest convenience.

Looking for trustworthy nephrologists in North Carolina? We’ve got you! Dial us today to see how we may be of service to you!

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