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Knowing the Symptoms of Kidney Disease


Over 37 million American adults have kidney disease, and the majority are not aware of it. There are several symptoms of kidney disease. However, we sometimes link them to other health issues. Due to this, only 10% of individuals affected by the disease are aware they have it. Read on to learn the various symptoms of kidney disease shared by health professionals such as nephrologists in North Carolina.

  • Difficulty sleeping
    Toxins remain in our blood instead of going out of our body via urine when our kidneys are incorrectly functioning. This may cause us to have a hard time sleeping. Sleep apnea is typical for those living with chronic kidney disease in contrast with the general public.
  • Blood in urine

    When our kidneys are healthy, they will normally keep the blood cells in our body as they filter waste from our blood in the process of creating urine. However, if our kidney’s filters have already been damaged, the blood cells can begin leaking into our urine. Blood in our urine may also be a sign of a kidney stone, tumor, or infection.

  • Foamy urine

    If there’s a presence of too many bubbles in our urine, particularly those that need us to flush many times before getting rid of them signals the presence of protein in our urine which is among the signs of a kidney problem. This kind of foam is similar to the foam we see when we scramble eggs because the typical protein found in the urine, known as albumin is the same protein present in eggs.

  • More frequent urination

    If we have to urinate more often, particularly at night, this may be a symptom of kidney disease, as warned by health experts like those at the nephrology & hypertension care clinic. When the filters of our kidneys are damaged, it can result in the urge to urinate more often. This may also be a symptom of urinary infection or perhaps enlarged prostate in men.

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