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Discussing Different Types of Kidney Failure


Did you know that there are different types of kidney failure exist? Listed below are the following.

  • Acute prerenal kidney failure.
    Having insufficient blood flow to the kidneys may cause this. This type of kidney problem can be identified once the cause of the decreased blood flow is determined.
  • Acute intrinsic kidney failure.
    This can result from direct trauma to the kidneys, such as in an accident or physical impact. So if you experience a strong physical impact and you think your kidney might be affected, don’t hesitate to seek help from nephrologists in North Carolina immediately.
  • Chronic prerenal kidney failure.
    This happens when there is not enough blood flowing to your kidneys for an extended period of time, and the kidneys begin to shrink and lose its ability to function.
  • Chronic post-renal kidney failure.
    A long-term blockage of the urinary tract prevents urination. This causes pressure and eventual kidney damage.

Early stage kidney failure doesn’t usually exhibit noticeable symptoms unless it already worsens. According to a report from CDC, 90 percent of people with chronic kidney disease don’t know they have it. So it is always better to get checked by a Kidney Specialist in Charlotte, North Carolina, from time to time so you can assure that your kidneys are healthy.

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