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Common Kidney Diseases You Should Know


Kidneys have essential roles in the human body. They remove wastes and cleanse the blood of toxins and they change the waste into urine. However, if any of them is damaged, it won’t be able to filter blood anymore. It will then lead to several types of kidney diseases. Nephrologists in North Carolina identify common types of kidney diseases:

  • CKD or chronic kidney disease

    When the kidneys do not function as they usually should, they lose their ability to filter toxins from the blood. The cause of this disease depends on family history, high blood pressure, or heart disease. Kidney specialist in Charlotte, North Carolina recommend testing to be diagnosed properly.

  • Other types of kidney diseases

    Aside from chronic kidney disease, there are several types of kidney diseases such as Fabry disease which is a rare genetic disease that affects all the body organs, most especially the kidneys. Another is Glomerulonephritis, which means kidneys would lose their ability to filter wastes due to the kidneys’ damaged filters. Also, Lupus Nephritis, aHUS, and Polycystic kidney disease are very common.

If early symptoms such as trouble sleeping, having dry and itchy skin, urinating more often, or having swollen feet or ankles, you must head on to a nephrology & hypertension care clinic to get tested. The earlier the diagnosis, the more chances of successful treatment.

At Carolinas Nephrology and Hypertension Associates, we cater to all patients with kidney disease or hypertension, and we ensure to provide the best quality care.

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